Red Zone Rush Redemption Angled Cabinet by Bandai Namco - Betson Enterprises
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Red Zone Rush 4-Player Used

Available Used

Score tickets and collectible cards in this fun & exciting used 4-player pusher.

(1) Available Used in Florida

(1) Available Used in Nevada

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Item Number: 027959U


How to Play

Players press the button on the control panel to release footballs towards the ‘endzone’ platform.  The letters on each football combine to spell “TOUCHDOWN”; if the player skillfully gets all of these letters he or she will receive a super ticket bonus. Once the game completes, the “endzone” platform tilts up and places the footballs back onto the rotating playfield.

Collectible Cards

Several footballs are labeled “CARD” which allows for the players to win a collectible trading card in one play. Players can collect all eight Offensive Player trading cards for a ticket bonus, all eight Defensive Player trading cards for a ticket bonus, or all 16 Offensive and Defensive trading cards for a SUPER bonus.

Available Used.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 80"
Depth: 80"
Height: 106"

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