Pump It Up XL - XX Cabinet by Andamiro
Pump It Up XL - XX Close Up of Cabinet by Andamiro - Betson Enterprises
Pump It Up XL - XX Close Up of Pads by Andamiro

Pump It Up LX 20th Anniversary Used

Available Used

Pump up your location with the used 20th Anniversary Edition of Andamiro’s Pump It Up! Get customers moving with a whole new collection of songs, a brilliant light show, and a wall of sound with 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers.

(1) Available in California

Item Number: 027222U


This used Pump It Up – LX is the Pump It Up 20th Anniversary Edition from Andamiro that will get you moving! The World’s No. 1 Dance Simulation Game features HD quality graphics that pop up on a 55″ screen and over 100 new songs (total 500 songs) – the largest volume of the Pump It Up series ever!

Get Your Customers Moving

The brilliant light show and a massive selection of songs will draw the attention of customers as they choose from K-Pop, J Music, World Music and an array of various other styles of music to get them moving. Pump It Up’s new cabinet features 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers.

Online Matching System

The fun doesn’t have to be restricted to one location – match up gameplay with players worldwide when you upgrade.

Available Used

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions:
Width: 70"
Depth: 93"
Height: 94"
Shipping Dimensions:
Main Body:
Width: 69"
Depth: 45"
Height: 84"
Weight: 1180 lbs

Width: 40"
Depth: 48"
Height: 20"
Weight: 350 lbs

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