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This used Let’s Bounce is the instant classic in your Midway. Its attractive and addictive gameplay is great for all ages and is sure to have your guests coming back again and again.

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(1) Available Used in New England

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Item Number: 026566U


You have 30 seconds and 20 balls to bounce through the playfield in an attempt to clear 45 neon tiles before the clock runs out. Clear the playfield and enter the bonus round, with 5 more balls and 7 more seconds on the clock, with each rainbow tile worth double points! Let’s Bounce (used cabinet) is fun to play solo, or head to head against a friend. It’s not uncommon to be left with only a few remaining tiles when the clock stops, along with a heavy dose of anticipation, and the urge to play again! Easy to play but challenging to master, it’s the instant classic in your midway that will have guests coming back again and again.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions
Height: 113.39"
Width: 43.07"
Depth: 122.05"
Weight: 882 lbs.

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