Lazer Frenzy Single Maze

Award Winning Laser Maze

Lazer Frenzy is a full-featured attraction with everything necessary for you to be successful. Features like auto-attendant, entry facades, redemption, and full scorecards are necessary components to any laser maze experience.

Item Number: 025925N


Lazer Frenzy Single Maze is a full-featured attraction with everything we feel is necessary for you to be successful. Much like anti-lock brakes, power steering, and air conditioning are necessities for any car these days, features like auto-attendant, entry facades, redemption, and full scorecards are necessary components to any Lazer Maze experience.


Custom FRENZY Archway: Every Lazer Frenzy laser maze attraction includes a beautiful entrance archway with vibrant graphics and more to help attract people to the game.

  • Auto Attendant Operation: Lazer Frenzy laser maze runs unattended with Tokens, Bills, or Debit Cards. This saves you countless thousands of dollars in labor costs. Flexible Game Options: Our software can create an unlimited combination of game formats and objectives. In an easy-to-use and intuitive format, you can make changes to your settings in seconds to create a unique experience for your facility.
  • Z-Towers: The Z-Towers provide 96 universally sized slots where components such as lasers, receivers, or mirrors can easily be rearranged by the operator.
  • Built-In Difficulty Levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Random levels will challenge players each time and encourage repeat play to help increase your revenues.
  • Vibrant Lasers: Our brilliant GREEN laser beams create a big WOW Effect for the players.
  • Interactive Devices: Programmable push buttons with changeable LED light colors and special effect controllers add scalability to the attraction. These can also create various game scenarios for Museum and Science Center applications. Live-Action Video: The audience watches the action outside the attraction on our HDTV monitor in COLOR. This also displays the top ten scores and the names of the players. Plus the HDTV monitor loops a “How to Play” video, as well as a fun marketing video to entice guests to play.
  • Programmable Audio: Customize the sound effects and thrilling music played inside the Lazer Frenzy laser maze with great programming options for different sounds that will surprise your players and keep the game fresh and new each time. Choose a specific sound when a player breaks a specific beam, series of beams or any other trackable action.
  • Security System: The motion detector security systems prevent players from cheating in order to get a higher score. If a player enters the Lazer Frenzy unit in order to get to the checkpoint before the game begins, the security system is triggered.
  • Printed Scores: Each player receives a memorable keepsake of their experience that prints automatically after each game for easy retrieval. Plus there are 3 editable lines that you can customize with your facility information, upcoming events or provide coupons/discounts for other attractions as a way to cross-promote other attractions. This is a clickable box in our software so you can choose to turn this off if you’d like for any reason.

-Redemption Points: The printed scores can also award redemption points for use at a prize counter. This is another clickable feature in our software with the ability to set the number of redemption points earned based on the score achieved.
-Informative Reports: You can monitor performance, usage, and game information at a glance and password protect these areas as needed.

Product Specifications

Set-up Dimensions
Height: 96"
Width: 96"
Depth: 192"
Crate Dimensions:

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