Jetball Alley Close Up by UNIS
Jetball Alley Balls by UNIS

Jetball Alley


The Next Generation of Alley Games

Designed for speed play and ticket redemption, UNIS introduces Jetball Alley – the next generation of alley games!

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Jetball Alley: Reimagine Alley Games, Supercharge Profits!

Ditch the dusty lanes and step into the future of alley games with Jetball Alley! This hyper-modern masterpiece combines classic bowling mechanics with cutting-edge holographic effects, transforming your location into a profit-generating hotspot.

Non-stop, high-octane fun: Forget slow, turn-based bowling. Jetball Alley is all about speed and skill. Players launch balls to connect three holes in a row, racking up points with lightning-fast throws and strategic combos. Fifteen possible combos keep the excitement soaring, ensuring players are hooked from the first roll.

Holographic spectacle: Ditch the static backdrops! Jetball Alley features a mesmerizing holographic screen that overlays the playfield with dynamic animations and graphics. Watch as successful throws trigger vibrant explosions, bonus rounds, and leaderboard displays, captivating players and drawing in passersby.

An innovative twist on a classic: Jetball Alley takes alley games to a whole new level. It’s familiar enough to attract traditional bowling fans, yet fresh and exciting for a new generation of players. This unmatched blend of nostalgia and innovation guarantees broad appeal and long-lasting interest.

Supercharge your profits:

  • Faster gameplay, more players, more games: The fast-paced nature of Jetball Alley allows for higher player turnover, maximizing your earning potential.
  • Ticket redemption potential: Add ticket dispensers for extra rewards and incentives. Watch as players rack up tickets with each combo and skill shot.
  • Eye-catching attraction: The dazzling holographic display turns Jetball Alley into a beacon for fun, drawing in customers and transforming your location into a must-visit destination.

It isn’t just a game; it’s a revolution in alley entertainment. Get ready to experience increased foot traffic, higher revenue, and endless player engagement.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions:
Height: 87"
Width: 29"
Depth: 120"
Weight: 602 lbs