Hot Wheels King of the Road 4-PL Used

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A perfect for any FEC around the world – HOT WHEELS appeals to all ages. Race through extreme jumps & loops and perform crazy stunts on iconic cars! 4-player version available used.

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Item Number: 028027U


Race through extreme jumps & loops and perform crazy stunts while driving an iconic HOT WHEELS car! The more players there are, the more tickets you will win! With a globally recognizable brand, children and parents alike are sure to enjoy the thrill of racing the popular licensed game. Hot Wheels King of the Road will certainly appeal to all ages ranging from 4 to 74. It’s a perfect fit for any location around the world.

Get behind the wheel of six iconic Hot Wheels cars. Each machine has two cameras that take player snapshots.
Drive through three exciting racetracks and be the king of the road! Each player is identified to their racing car. Players always know where their cars are in the race, further increasing the sense of competition.

4-Player cabinet available used.

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:

Hot Wheels 4-Player:
Width: 55.3"
Depth: 77.6"
Height: 105"
Shipping Dimensions:

Hot Wheels 4-Player:
Crate 1:
Width: 44"
Depth: 58"
Height: 50"

Crate 2:
Width: 41"
Depth: 78"
Height: 85"

Weight: 1500 lbs

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