A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

Golden Tee Arcade

Golden Tee Arcade
Item Number: 026527N
Every day tens of thousands of video golfers test their skill on dozens of clever and challenging golf courses. Contact Betson Sales for Pricing
Offered as: Live,  Unplugged
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Golden Tee Golf 2020 adds five brand new courses along with two remastered designs (including a 3D Golf remastered course!) for a total of 81 courses and 10 Freaky Friday courses in casual mode.

Real-Time Rivals gets more intense with now 14 rivals to battle, including the ability to take them on in our all-new online mode where you can use your custom golfer, club sets, balls, and tees to take on John Daly and his team of golfers. Up for a real challenge? Climb the Real-Time Rival ladder, Golden Tee’s first-ever campaign mode! Take down various rivals to unlock rewards and eventually challenge John Daly.

Events Mode has more fun and excitement added to it with the addition of 9-hole prize play and Money $hot contests to give players even more fun, different, and exciting ways to play for prizes!

Three new club sets and two new balls are debuting in Golden Tee 2020!

The new golf club sets include a set built by 2019 World Champion Mark Stenmark, our Player’s Choice club set using the data of what clubs you all play with, and the very classy and luxurious Executive set!

Includes 74 unique and spectacular 18-hole fantasy courses for nearly unlimited variety.

A wide range of casual, online, and prize play game formats are available for players of every skill level. Gorgeous hi-def game graphics, a nearly unlimited variety of customization options, time-released courses and features, and the iconic trackball control make it the undisputed leader in coin-operated video games.

Features include:

  • 74 18-hole courses to choose from
  • Enhanced 1080p hi-def graphics and special effects
  • Skill contest modes for prizes
  • Card reader and Keypad for easy player check-in
  • Illuminated Marquee
  • Play with or against others in 18-hole, Closest to the Pin and Invitational play
  • Compete against computer opponents, including PGA Tour legend John Daly
  • Special automatic prize events offer unique options and challenges
  • Customizable golfers, equipment and effects
  • GT Caddy mobile App for maximum player engagement
  • FACTS LIVE contest software and AdWiz LIVE ad placement software available

Real-Time Rivals goes Online!

Play against the man, the myth, the legend himself, PGA professional John Daly and his team of rivals in casual play with the 2020 courses or new to GT 2020; you can now play RTR Online!

Take on the rivals in regular one-on-one online play or take on all the rivals in our all-new ladder mode! Climb the ladder, defeat rivals, win rewards, and try to defeat John Daly! With the addition of your custom golfer, club sets, golf balls, and other equipment, how will you fare?

Golden Tee Arcade is one of the longest-running arcade game series with year-round competitive tournaments and huge fan-base.

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Product Specifications

Golden Tee LIVE
Showpiece™ Cabinet with Stand
Depth: 53"
Width: 25.5"
Height: 85"
Weight: 245 lbs. unboxed
295 lbs. boxed

Golden Tee LIVE
Showpiece™ Cabinet Only
Depth: 30"
Width: 25.5"
Height: 38.5"
Weight: 175 lbs. unboxed
225 lbs. boxed

Product Specifications

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