A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.



Fiery Quick Play that is Five Alarm Fun!

Fireball is a popular, one-button slam-a-winner play style game that features smokin’ hot graphics and rockin’ sounds!

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New Skill Stop Feature allows players to both stop the rotating wheel and time the ball drop to earn displayed ticket values or win the Bonus in one bounce!

Stop It & Drop It (or vice versa!) Players enjoy more skill-based control over gameplay and outcome.

NEW! Our popular, one-button Slam A Winner playstyle now available!

Smokin hot graphics and LED package with adjustable light intensity feature.

Features a four-digit display for higher payouts.

Easy to maintain!

Rockin sounds and attract-mode with hot guitar licks!

Product Specifications

1 Player Ball Drop

18,000 Ticket Capacity

1 Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispenser

DBA Ready

Card Swipe Capable

33”W x 40”D x 82”H

84 cm x 102 cm x 209 cm

330 lbs./150 kgs.

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