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A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

Chaos Jump
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Chaos Jump

Chaos Jump is perfectly sized to deliver amazing four-player VR experiences in a small package. Social Competitive Fun!

  • Multiplayer
  • Co-op Gameplay
  • Competitive Gameplay

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Half the size of comparable VR Systems

Minority’s 4 player VR game system Chaos Jump is unique and offers great ROI for operators and Family Entertainment Centers. Beyond the unparalleled Curb Appeal and Optimized Footprint, the games have been created with repeat play in mind.

At only 12’x12’ feet (144 ft² / 13.38m²) Chaos Jump delivers amazing (up to) four-player games in a small footprint.

Small footprint + high throughput = fast ROI

High Replay Value

495 possible experience variations. Different personalized Avatars increase the fun factor

Dramatic Theming for High Curb Appeal

Dynamic lighting LED floor, centerpiece and columns draw spectators and players! Everyone will know that this is where the action is with this VR arcade attraction!

Spectator monitor and Leaderboards

Attract customers with live gameplay on two large monitors displaying real-time video and leaderboard rankings!

Touch screen interface

For ease of use by a single operator

Library of Games!

A pipeline of fun games in development by proven video games veterans included Reclaim! which just launched.

Social Competitive Fun!

The Best VR is Played with (and Against) Friends and Family Between co-op and competitive modes, every player will enjoy the experience.

Pick a Personal Avatar!

Every great heist requires great disguises, and nothing beats this set. Players choose from a crazy cool collection of nine fun faces to customize their game experience.

Designed for Replay: 495 Unique game combinations

A party of up to 4 adventurers battles a robot army determined to stop them as they travel across space and time to retrieve the gold, treasure, and artifacts from 18 exotic worlds.

  • 1 Universe
  • 18 Worlds

The Minority Media team consists of many of Canada’s best video game makers. These innovators include the creators of some of the world’s leading game franchises, including FIFA, Batman, Splinter Cell, Rainbow 6, GTA, Deus Ex, Assassin’s Creed, and many others.

Product Specifications

12 x 12