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  • Funglo Pedestal
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  • Height: 34
  • Width: 70
  • Depth: 27
  • Weight: 145

Get Glowing

This innovative new pedestal design from Fun Company features fluorescent plexiglass for an out of this world look! It literally glows. It even has ground effect lighting. Attach your own projector or display (stands available) to suit the needs of your location. This design is also available with a chrome and diamond plate finish.

Available kit ready for any JAMMA game or completed with the game of your choice installed and ready to go. It works great with all Incredible Technologies games: Golden Tee Live and Unplugged, Silver Strike Bowler's Club and Bowling, Power Putt Miniature Golf and Target Toss Pro: Bags. The FunGlo also works with Sega Bass Fishing Challenge and Global VR Global Arcade Classics.

This cabinet can be dual kitted; have any 2 of Incredible Technologies games on one machine. Golden Tee Golf and Silver Strike Bowling for the sports nut, Target Toss Pro: Bags and Power Putt Miniature Golf for the casual gamer, any combination you want.

The control panel is covered with acrylic for additional protection of components.